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    Default Cameron Ace Hardware, Oxford PA

    Stopped in there the other day to buy staples, and they have apparently expanded their gun counter considerably since the last time I was there. They have a reasonable inventory of guns, and some were on sale, which you don't see at most gun shops. I got a pang of buyer's remorse when I saw a gun that I bought from another shop last year for about $75 less than what I paid. They will receive and transfer guns for you (like from GunBroker) for $40, which I think is the standard price. The guy at the counter seemed very friendly and helpful, but I have to offer the disclaimer that I have never bought a gun there or used them to receive one. Has anybody here done business with them?

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    Default Re: Cameron Ace Hardware, Oxford PA

    I bought a shot gun there a few years ago. No issues.
    Nice enough people.
    I stop in there whenever I am in the neighborhood.
    God Bless the American Armed Forces, Thank You All.

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    Default Re: Cameron Ace Hardware, Oxford PA

    Best prices around for sure. Like most shops if they don't have it they will try to order it for you.
    I was also told ages ago that if you see an online deal you like, take into them and they will try to price match the gun + shipping. They are not a big shop and don't have the buying power that Buds has but they will try.

    I have bought a FEW guns from them and have no complaints but I am not crazy about the $40 xfer especially on return customers.

    Hard to believe an Ace Hardware store sells guns. Gotta love rural PA. LOL
    Jimmy cracked corn and HE didn't care! Why should I?

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