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One of the biggest obstacles to shooting the Mosin-Nagant as accurately as itís capable is its trigger pull. Generally, the refurbished Russian models have horrendous triggers.

While other countriesí Mosins often have improved pulls due to actual fitting, the clearances are still somewhat generous.

Thatís where my new Mosin Trigger Fitting Shim Kit comes in!

This kit takes care of any side-to-side slop in addition to the slack that often accompanies stock trigger setups.

Even if you donít think you feel side play, itís definitely there. Iíve had hundreds of triggers pass through my hands, and I have yet to see one that doesnít have side-to-side slop.

Iíve been running the prototype shims on my favorite Mosin, and even I was surprised at the improvement! All my Finnish-Style M28/M39 Hybrid Trigger Sets will get these from now on. I consider the shims that critical to a good trigger feel.

Installation is extremely simple:

There are two shims included in the set. Begin with the thicker one. Place a thin layer of your favorite oil or grease on both sides.

Next, position the shim on the trigger as shown and press. You should feel it snap into place. Ensure the shim sets flush against the trigger; if it does not, youíll need to push more. You cannot install the trigger if the shim is not setting flush.


1. Position the trigger as you normally would.

2. Position the trigger pin.

3. Using a non-marring hammer, tap the pin home.

4. The trigger pin should set flush.

Test the trigger. If itís too tight, repeat the process with the thinner shim. Most Mosin triggers work best with the thicker shim, but, if you find the trigger has resistance to its movement, use the thinner shim instead.

I know youíll appreciate this kit!