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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    only twice.

    i've died a few times in dreams if i recall.
    doxylamine succinate (antihistamine in nyquil) [or the combo of it with dextromethorphan] seems to give me the worst and most horrific dreams, even if i don't remember them i often wake up in a panic and only recall something was horrific.
    as such i generally avoid it but have taken it two or three times.
    i lock up the guns when i take that stuff.

    probably better for me to just take them seperate as dex, some tylenol and benedryll instead.
    "Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils. John Stark

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    Owning a Ford would be a nightmare.
    We actually owned a ford taurus station wagon. Yeah I know but it was a great going to the beach car. We strapped a clamshell luggage carrier on the roof loaded up with boogey boards. I loved that car.

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gun View Post
    I've had the flying, or what appears like gliding dream a lot. I've looked for wings, but I ain't no angel.
    I usually have to keep flapping my arms to stay aloft.

    Every shooting dream I've ever had:

    My mags aren't loaded and/or

    I can't find the right caliber or any ammo period and/or

    It just clicks without going bang or

    The bullet just rolls out of the barrel or goes so slow that I can see it.

    More often than not, my mind has moved on to something else before I ever get to the shooting part.

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    Quote Originally Posted by JDA58 View Post

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    I am a gigolo in a Milf's bedroom.
    I drop my leopard speedo and she sees my junk.
    She takes one look, Says " Oh My GOODNESS" and faints.....................That's when I know it's a dream.
    I wake up depressed......
    God Bless the American Armed Forces, Thank You All.

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    Quote Originally Posted by GunLawyer001 View Post
    Your body paralyzes most of your volitional muscles while you sleep, using the neurotransmitters gamma-aminobutyric acid and glycine. This happens especially while in REM sleep, when the most intense dreaming occurs.

    That's why we commonly dream that our legs won't move while we're being chased by threats; because, you know, they won't.

    If it were otherwise, you'd sleepwalk, or kick your wife, or worse. Like using virtual reality goggles in traffic.

    I think this translates into a general feeling of helplessness. Your gun either won't fire, or the rounds have no effect on the bad guy.

    I only remember dreaming that I died one time, and I was crushed to death in that dream. It was very realistic. Not enjoyable in any sense. I hope it doesn't mean anything.
    I wouldn't date any fat chicks!!

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    I'm a lucid dreamer. I usually know I'm dreaming and I can control what happens most times. Sometimes I'll have a dream where something bad is about to happen and I wake up. Then I go back to sleep and the same dream happens again or continues, but this time I'm fully aware and it's go time. My weapon of choice is always a lightsaber.
    Oh therapy, can you please fill the void? Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?

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    Default Re: Ever have dreams you're in a shootout?

    My shootout dreams are a lot like my fistfight dreams: both modes of attack are utterly ineffective. Punching is like I were neck-deep in a pool of Jello, and in shootouts, the gun either doesn't fire or the bullets have no effect on the assailant.

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