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    Default Re: One day after the big gun rally, House Democrats wipe out GOP firearm bills (VA)

    Quote Originally Posted by PA_Robert View Post
    When it's said and is all about voting. If Virginians who support the 2A voted regularly they would not be in the situation they are in.

    Do I have the data to support that Can I find the data to support that claim..probably.

    People need to get out and vote, including the midterms. If we don't mobilize in PA to get all the lazy fucks out to vote, PA will go down the same as VA.

    There are more of "us" than "them" in PA.
    You are correct. I saw one gun rights supporter getting interviewed and he admitted that he did not vote in the last election. It's only now that he sees his mistake in not going to the polls. Too late, now he has to march for a redress of a grievance that could have possibly been avoided.
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    Default Re: One day after the big gun rally, House Democrats wipe out GOP firearm bills (VA)

    Fixing bad unconstitutional laws in Virginia will require a new governor and two new legislative majorities. I'm guessing that will take time if it is successful at all. We saw how meaningless it was when Congress passed the repeal of the Affordable care act for Obama to quickly veto it. And then the weak republican party couldn't pull it off when it mattered after Trump was elected. That's frustration.

    The takeaway here is that as long as there is one of the three governing bodies who can block such legislation when they start with Pennsylvania, we will not lose ground. If the Pennsylvania republican party is truly on our side, they will, or should pick a house and make sure it does not turn. I would like to see more than that happen, but at least prep for a workable fallback position.

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    Default Re: One day after the big gun rally, House Democrats wipe out GOP firearm bills (VA)

    Virginia Assault Weapons Ban Bill Moves Forward & Citizens Are Kicked Out!

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