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But AA can't transfer ANY gun into or out of their inventory until either the ATF releases their FFL OR the ATF supervises the movement of each piece of inventory listed in and accounted for in AA's inventory book. This affects even items that are in for repair, or guns that a seller gave to AA under consignment. So if you took a gun in for repair, because the law states that you have to have a PICS/NICS check done in order to get your own gun back from an FFL dealer, they cannot even legally at this time give you your own property back. It's basically frozen until the BATFE dictates how they want AA to move their inventory to another FFL dealer for handling. I know, I have a gun there in layaway. Went to pick it up and was told the same thing.

Bud's did uphold their end of the deal, but AA is legally restricted from upholding their end. If Bud's sends another gun to a different FFL dealer, they are highly likely to not get the first gun back. Not their fault that they complied with the buyer's request of where to send the gun. AA is not legally able to pay another FFL to do what you suggest.

And there are at least two other threads already open about Anthony Arm's situation, just search for them.
Just to clarify, if you drop off a firearm for repair at an FFL, the same person can pick it up without a 4473/PICS check being done. Now if you drop off for consignment, then the FFL needs to do a 4473 + PICS to give the firearm back to you. Now AA's current situation is different, since the ATF is now calling the shots in their store.