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    Default Re: Heritage Rough Rider question(ammo related)

    Used hi-points can be had for cheap.

    The warrantee works no matter who owns it.

    They are accurate enough, very reliable and have enough mass to minimize recoil.

    They are big and heavy, in comparison to kel-tecs, but not Gigantic.

    That's my experience.

    A nay-sayer will be along shortly to dispute me, because...internets.

    Oh and welcome to PAFOA!

    Come for the guidance, stay for the snark
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    Default Re: Heritage Rough Rider question(ammo related)

    Quote Originally Posted by raxar View Post
    Its kind of a universal rule that "what should I buy" threads only get responses of people telling you what they want to buy.

    I absolutely stand by what I said before. A gun that you can afford to become proficient with is a much better asset than something some jackass on the internet told you to buy because his wife won't let him.
    Hey my wife wishes I only spent Hi-Point money on firearms in the past.

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