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    Default Anyone Have a 3G Holster?

    I am seeing some adverts on the net about the "G3" holster. It seems to give you a fast draw when needed in a very concealable platform. So, does anyone own one and if you do, do they work in real life as they do in the advert?
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    Default Re: Anyone Have a 3G Holster?

    I believe The Gen 1 and two had the reputation of hot garbage so I'm not holding my breath for the gen 3. Other then absolute have to have it deep concealment like carrying in the work place I don't see a reason for this over a good IWB holster for concealed carry. I'm also not buying that it's faster to draw then a good appendix kydex holster.

    I'm not also a fan of the locking lever going into the trigger guard, but I'd have to see that up closer to see exactly how it works. No way to draw while sitting down and Re-holstering quickly or easily doesn't seem like it's important either which makes this a no go in my opinion for a number of reasons.

    A quick search on YouTube shows two videos on this holster is from the manufacturer the other runs like a poor unconvincing 2:30 sec commercial for it.

    Late note: the video shows someone drawing easily while sitting but with nothing obstructing them in the front like a table or a steering wheel.
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