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    Default Re: VA Govener to ban guns on ALL capital grounds

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    I don't typically watch his vids because he's a cop-hating, asshole, but I watched this one - only to see how far the female was going to go in her childish actions.
    She should lose her job simply for the stupid drum stick bullshit. WTF? Totally unprofessional behavior the entire time.
    If I'm not mistaken, he was one of those assholes, well you know...

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    Default Re: VA Govener to ban guns on ALL capital grounds

    Damn, a black chick with no rhythm.
    Rules are written in the stone,
    Break the rules and you get no bones,
    all you get is ridicule, laughter,
    and a trip to the house of pain.

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    Default Re: VA Govener to ban guns on ALL capital grounds

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