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    Default Gun Storage Lockers in SW PA?

    Say I didn't want to store small firearms at home (lots of guests, kids at home, etc...) and was looking for a normal place to rent a gun storage locker in the SW PA area, what might options be?

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    Default Re: Gun Storage Lockers in SW PA?

    The Google isn't returning anywhere that I can find that says they offer "storage" beyond what would come with service or consignment.

    You mention "small firearms". Is there a reason you're not looking for an at-home solution?

    On the east side of the state, the smallest rental locker available goes for $55/month. A slightly larger container can be purchased retail for under $150, and would be accessible around the clock, rather than during limited business hours.

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    Lightbulb Re: Gun Storage Lockers in SW PA?

    Try calling hear maybe they other locations

    Pocono GunKeepers - Secure Firearm Storage

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