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Thread: 4473 Question

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    My youngest was born in a hospital in MD, but our residence at the time was WV. The birth certificate says <city>, MD. Place of birth has always been <city>, MD.

    I was born in the hospital in Saint Marys, PA, but my parents' residence was in Kersey, PA, about four miles away, but a different ZIP code. I've always put "Saint Marys, PA" as place of birth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walleye Hunter View Post
    My car has that but my pickup does not. I guess you gotta be a police man to be that observant.
    Gotta collect that revenue. Subzilla has been exempt the past 2 years because it doesn't get driven more than 5k/year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah_Zark View Post
    This link takes you to southern Westmoreland Co. on Google Maps:

    Enlarge it, or otherwise manipulate it to find where your home is on the map, being mindful that the red line is the county line. Your location says Mt. Pleasant, the entirety of which lies within Westmoreland. But you may live outside the Mt. Pleasant borough limits but your mailing address is still Mt. Pleasant.


    Mt Pleasant twp is mostly Westmoreland county but part of it is in Fayette county.

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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    I was born in PA, but my parents place of residence at the time was Rhode Island. My BC says PA.
    Quote Originally Posted by jthrelf View Post
    The literal interpretation of "Place of Birth" would be the city of the hospital you were born at. Streaker's birth certificate directly contradicts what you were so sure of. .
    How do you figure? He was born in PA. His birth certificate says he was born in PA, not RI where his parents were living at the time. That is completely consistent with what I said.

    His birth certificate does not say RI or any other state. PA is the correct answer, albeit it an imprecise one.

    You are trying to raise a question of scale, which isn’t relevant to the original question, which was whether someone lives in County A or County B.

    If you were attending an Interplanetary Conference of Banjo Players being held on Neptune, most people, when asked their place of birth, would say “Earth”, not the hospital in which they were born nor the city in which that hospital is located. At this scale, Earth is the reasonable answer. Similarly, if you are ON Earth, and you are asked the same question, answering “Earth” just makes you an asshole, even though it is entirely correct.
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