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    Default Concealed not so concealed

    From the WSJ. You may need a subscription to read the entire article.

    AI-Powered Cameras Represent Tech’s Biggest Trade-off
    Products that promise more convenience and better security often come at the cost of reduced privacy—and increased surveillance

    Here's what caught my attention:

    Another company making use of AI and cameras in the safety space is Patriot One Technologies Inc., PAT -1.60% the maker of Patscan, which uses microwave radar, chemical sensing and object detection to covertly detect guns, knives and even drugs.

    It could tell, for example, if a weapon is being taken out of a car in the parking lot of a school. Those cameras can be paired with a smart locking system that could automatically secure a building if a weapon is detected on the premises.

    The company recently announced a partnership with Ginter Electrical Contractors and the security team for the Cincinnati Reds to install the technology at the team’s Great American Ball Park.

    What is perhaps most notable about the platform is how covert it is. “It’s hidden, so you can put it in planters or door frames,” said Scott Ledingham, a spokesman for the company. “No one will even know they’re being scanned.”

    The company said it is up to the individual client using the system to decide whether people will be notified in some way that nonphysical screening measures are in place. Facial recognition can be added to the system, but the company says it doesn’t store data associated with specific individuals.

    Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin said he understands that people want to be safe but that they also don’t want mass surveillance.

    I know this technology has been around a while, but it now looks like it's going to the next level.


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    Default Re: Concealed not so concealed

    Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin said he understands that people want to be safe but that they also don’t want mass surveillance.
    They left out the part where he lets out a satanic laugh and says "But we really don't give a shit what people WANT!"

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    Default Re: Concealed not so concealed

    'tis an ill wind indeed that blows no good. Old saying meaning there are often two sides to anything. Machetes are great for making it thru brush, but can also be used to maim and kill.

    I can see where this system, improved and tailored, could speed up and replace airport TSA crap. That's if the TSA union doesn't pay off the people in charge of such things.
    Legislating to prevent people's acts is fantasy

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    Default Re: Concealed not so concealed

    My question has been, if they develop these technologies ostensibly for "our safety", then are they not also obligated to carry through and prevent discovered firearms from entering? Which means, now they have to have a contingency in place for contact and disarming, etc. Can we agree it may become a ticklish situation not knowing exactly which type of armed person they are detaining, disarming, removing? Knowing people are armed is one step. What about step two? What does that look like? Especially when the number of armed individuals is steadily increasing.

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    Default Re: Concealed not so concealed

    Just another reason to open carry.
    "Cives Arma Ferant"

    "I know I'm not James Bond, that's why I don't keep a loaded gun under the pillow, or bang Russian spies on a regular basis." - GunLawyer001

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    Default Re: Concealed not so concealed

    Watch the school go on lockdown when I pull in, with a body full of metal parts. I have set off plenty of metal detectors (including the Capitol) and get extra special treatment at the airport.

    That special card from my doctor saved me a lot of times.

    Are these scanners going to be somehow calibrated for gunpowder detection or something? They want to scan for "weapons". Can they actually, accurately do that? I'd bet no.
    Psalms 73:26

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