Gather Round.....

We will be holding our annual World War Two shoot on Saturday February 29th at the Langhorne Rod and Gun Club. The Club is located at 251 Stoneyford Road in Northampton Township Bucks County PA. Please note that some GPS instructions may say Southampton. Here is a Google Maps Link to Club: Google Map Link to LRGC

For this shoot we restrict the firearms used to only period style long arms. Bolt action rifles are fine as are semi-automatic rifles and carbines. The Club does not permit full auto fire so if you have a transferable full auto and wish to shoot it, it MUST BE IN SEMI-AUTO ONLY. Please message me if you have a question about the suitability of your firearm for this match. Period dress is encouraged. After the shoot we will be treated to a realistic GI mess by our Company Cooks lead by Sgt. Donna.

You will need the following:

A suitable period style firearm
100 rounds of ammo (please no AP ammo)
At least 3 magazines, enbloc clips, or stripper clips for your rifle. (we suggest you bring as many as you can because reloading mags and stripper/enbloc clips in a pain in the winter time)
Eye and Ear Protection
A chamber flag for your rifle
Fee: $15.00 for LRGC Members $20.00 for non-members
Target distances will be 100 and 200 yard Steel targets
For this match we will be excluding the SKS from participation
Bring a safe and positive attitude
You will need to be at the long range no later thank 0830hrs the day of the shoot. If you arrive late, we will not be able to accommodate you.
We shoot in the rain, sleet and snow. We have only had to cancel one match in the last ten years due to weather.

Our registration link will open at 0700hrs on Monday January 6th 2020. We are giving you plenty of time in advance to register for this match.

World War Two Shoot Registration Link

We look forward to a fun event and hope you can join us!