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    Default .44 Mag Coated lead bullet question

    I have a bunch of Missouri bullets. They are the 240 gr .44 Smasher bullets. They say they are rated for magnum loads. Does anyone know how fast you can push these before you have leading problems? I've seen a bunch of people say it's not an issue due to the coating. I've loaded a bunch of these at lower velocities but I wanted to use up my Win 296 powder and they are posting velocities around 1500fps for 24g of powder. I'm loading for my Super Redhawk.
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    Default Re: .44 Mag Coated lead bullet question

    The coating actually dosen't matter. A lubed bullet with the proper lube will go just as fast. It is simply a buffer between lead and steel till the lead fails. This coming from some one who makes coated bullets for a living. It's the hardness of the lead and bullet to barrel fit. Bullet fit being most important reason for leading. My 44 bullets can reach speeds of 1500fps in some or most guns. At that speed for your most common 92-6-2 alloy 1500 is about the limit. But it is a case by case adventure. You might get 1500 and the guy next to you might get 1400. Just work it up to max and check results. But it is not uncommon to be in the 14-1500 range before leading all other things being correct.

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    Default Re: .44 Mag Coated lead bullet question

    Quote Originally Posted by DucatiRon View Post
    Bullet fit being most important reason for leading.
    ^This. Any load can "lead" if ill fitting. Did you get any "leading" from lighter loads?
    I'd try a few and if they don't work out go from there.
    I load my Redhawk with a 245 gr "Keith" swc, home cast half pb and half ww, bhn 13. Utilize a charge of 2400 that gets around 1400 fps. with no leading. No coating but lubed with beeswax/transmission fluid mix.
    Tried a box of Ron's bullets a few (?) years ago, good stuff.
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