Hello Members, I found out about PAFOA today and it seemed like a very resourceful place to ask questions regarding firearms. If I could get feedbacks from FFL experts, it would be fantastic. I am a legal alien, holding a non-immigrant visa, currently studying in the United States.

I often go shooting with friends I made here, and I feel bad using their firearms all the time so I decided to purchase my own via acquiring a valid hunting license from PA. So my questions are:

1) What should I bring to the FFL gun store when I decide to purchase a firearm? ATF states that all I need is a valid hunting license, but wouldn't they need my passport or other documents related to my student visa?

2) Is there any restriction on acquiring CCW in PA for legal aliens? Because of my nonimmigrant student visa status, I cannot establish residency (I also have to purchase non-resident hunting license) and I was wondering if residency in PA is required for CCW.

3) Do I need a CCW prior to purchasing a firearm? As far as I know, carrying a loaded or unloaded firearm in a vehicle is illegal, so I thought that in order to bring the new firearm back home, I should already have CCW.

4) How does background check work on foreign nationals? Would it take longer and would I need to bring certain documents?

Thank you!