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    Default Re: NJ gave Texas church gunman plea deal that wiped out gun felony

    Quote Originally Posted by ShooterInPA1 View Post
    Common sense law whose time has come:
    Attach any penalty which was plea bargained down to those responsible for said plea bargains. IOW, if a violent criminal is looking at 10 years but is plea bargained down to 2, attach whatever penalties are for the crimes committed in their 8 years to the judge who let the molester out.
    Doesnt get much more common sense than that.
    One of the many problems in our UN-JUST Justice System is the impunity with which prosecutors and judges Completely Mis-carriage Justice on a regular basis. Since there are no penalties applied to these miscreant 'public servants', who in overall consideration are responsible for more crime than any single one of the criminals they release, they repeatedly abuse the immediate victims of the crimes and extend that abuse to the whole of society with their uncaring, unconscionable, callous acts of 'mercy' for the perpetrator!


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    Default Re: NJ gave Texas church gunman plea deal that wiped out gun felony

    Start at 7:30 if you want to hear Wilson speak.

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    Aggies Coach Really ??? Take off the tin foil bro.

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