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    Default DIY Flush Fit 7+1 Magazine for Remington 870

    Have you ever wanted a magazine extension that sits flush with the muzzle on your 18" 870? Have you ever wished you could fit that seventh shell in there? Well, I got an old beat up Choate +3 off of ebay last week and decided I'd make myself a custom extension. I put some masking tape on the extension so I knew where to cut, put it in a vise, and used a pipe cutter to trim it and crimp the edge to retain the cap.

    The gun assembled and function tested; it holds 7 shells with a little room to spare which hopefully accommodates the slightly longer Federal buckshot I use for defense. I used a Nordic Components follower and Wolff magazine spring cut to 30". You'll notice that this extension has a glossy finish and the rest of my 870 is bead blasted matte black ...

    Well, it took a few tries to get my compressor running because it's been absurdly cold out but I got it going, blasted the extension, and blued it. The new matte black finish compared to the god awful glossy finish. I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow so I can get some photos of the 870 with it installed.

    Hope this is not Chris's blood ...

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    Default Re: DIY Flush Fit 7+1 Magazine for Remington 870

    I likey!

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    Default Re: DIY Flush Fit 7+1 Magazine for Remington 870

    Nice work!
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