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    Default Virginia Representative Worried About Civil War

    Virginia Representative Worried About Civil War

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    Default Re: Virginia Representative Worried About Civil War

    Virginia bears watching. I would have thought a confrontation might first have happened in NY or CA or NJ. But so far, Cuomo Murphy and Newsom have not show a serious inclination to actually organize search, find and prosecute those that do not comply. They seem to be content to prosecute people one at a time as violations reveal themselves.

    But VA could be different. I addressed this more on another thread. One of the VA bills is basically intended to criminalize firearms use, ownership and training if the government believes it might be directed to oppose firearms laws. In short, ownership or use of a firearm for the very purpose we have a 2A is a felony in and of itself. No one even has to fire a shot in anger. The bill intentionally and directly establishes a confrontation between the state and anyone owning a firearm for a prohibited political purpose (resisting gun confiscation?). If we were to organize as we have, open carry at a rally as we have, train as we do for whatever reason. just that association might be enough to be considered felonious activity. So Virginians have every reason to be concerned. I think they are smart to get out ahead of it, instead of reacting to it after it is too late. Maybe this very organized resistance in advance may prevent the Democrats from just shoving it through like the have done in all the other infringement states.

    Wolf and the Democrats routinely mimic this sort of anti-2A legislation in their own proposals. We could be facing such a bill in the not to distant future.

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