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Thread: Value of Luger

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    I have a Luger which is stamped 1940. Does anybody know who I would take it too in Pittsburgh to find out what it's worth. I bought it off a retired detective 25 years ago, and I only put about 200 rounds through it, and it shoots like a dream. I looked on GunBroker to see if I could get a proximate value, but they all have too many, '' if and butts'' and I have no idea what they are talking about. Thanks fellows Joe

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    Too many variables to tell from your description. Condition is one of the main factors , manufacturer , condition , serial number range , condition , matching part numbers , condition , other markings , condition , , ,

    One man's Excellent condition is another man Good.

    With Lugers , a small detail might make the difference between a $500 pistol , and a $5000 pistol.
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    If all numbers match (which will usually be a 2 digit number as Lugers ran to 9999 and then started again) including the take-down "catch" on the left side above the trigger housing (you use this to disassemble the gun), and if you happen to have matching magazines, then high $ if bore clean. If not as Abner13 says, anywhere from $500 up. There used to be a Luger forum on the web where better info could be obtained. Dave_n

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    Simpsons LTD are the experts in all things Luger check their site and see if they have any info listed. They have a detailed break down video with Forgotten Weapons showing every serialized part so that's a good place to start.

    You can also check out the German Weapons section on Gunboards and posting a lot of detailed pictures will be your friend. I have a very nice 1944 marked Luger that I purchased off another member here last year it has a mismatched side plate and a tiny tiny import mark under the barrel and that looses large amounts of value. It's a good shooter and for $600.00 I was able to get a gun that I figured I would never own since most people out there think everyone is so special they are worth thousands.

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