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    Default Re: Thoughts on training?

    The last training class i took was basically a guy running a group of people through drills i could find on youtube.

    he also "accidently" hit a kid in the nuts and dropped him to the ground.

    i will never again pay someone to run me through drills.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on training?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoder View Post
    I didn't think the new guy could handle the USPSA. It would make him quit shooting after the first match. Let him shoot IDPA, think he's pretty good then get his soul crushed at a USPSA match when he realizes he totally sucks.

    Oh I know. I was just busting balls.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on training?


    If you're from East Stroudsburg.
    You should look into
    They are from near the area and hold several classes at Pocono Pistol; as well as several other nearby ranges.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on training?

    Quote Originally Posted by fallenleader View Post
    speaking of 2/3gun... even outside of idpa, some outdoor clubs. at least east bangor sportman. will run open to public shooting matches.
    sometimes rifle, sometimes pistol. i think sometimes 2-gun and other times pistol cal carbine.
    different classes for rimfire and etc. bowlingpin shoots and all that fun stuff.

    i've never had the chance to join one, it is my local range. but hell i havent even had time to renew my membership expired in sept.

    worst case you blow $5 on the match and suck the worst.
    Joined there a few months ago after doing one of the shoots. Very good range and staff.
    TriggerTime LLc 01/02 FFL STILL OPEN!!! CRSO/Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun inst.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on training?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rosco the Iroc View Post
    Joined there a few months ago after doing one of the shoots. Very good range and staff.
    they are good people. cheap too and the outdoor range is what one would expect with much less of the SGL circus because you are being watched and you will be thrown out. in my experience it isn't a "good 'ol boys" club either, just follow the rules and no one gives you shit. i've never done the whole meetings thing, just pay and shoot, never used their hunting grounds either.

    my ffl, and member here, has sponsored awards in the past there but i'm not sure if all competitions have awards or just bragging rights.

    i'm going to pm you in about 8 months when the ground turns green again.
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