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    Default Re: Zeroing 25 and 100yds-Disaster

    Sometimes I will remove the bolt, put the crosshairs on target and look through the barrel to see if it's in the ballpark. Redneck bore sighting.
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    Default Re: Zeroing 25 and 100yds-Disaster

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned this, unless I missed something (edit - looks like jthrelf was thinking the along the same lines), but zeroing point of aim to point of impact at 25 yards will make you shoot high at 100 with just about anything other than a 22lr.

    I don't know how high your scope centerline is over your bore centerline, but the higher it is, the worse the effect. You're shooting up on an angle to get your rounds to meet your POA in only 25 yards, which is relatively short. The rounds are going to continue climbing on that same steep upwards trajectory until gravity and air resistance do their thing.

    Try to measure your scope height over bore, even just in the ballpark, and then zero again at 25. This time, instead of trying to hit dead nuts on, make your rounds hit lower than your POA but still closer than your height over bore. Example: height over bore = 1.5". Zero at 25 so your rounds are hitting 1" low. That should get you on paper at 100.

    Hope this helps! Please report back.
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    Default Re: Zeroing 25 and 100yds-Disaster

    It may not have too much of an effect on a hunting rig but make sure you have the scope/reticle trued as best you can. I usually level my chassis, then use a plumb bob to align vertical cross hair to get scope level as well.
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    Default Re: Zeroing 25 and 100yds-Disaster

    Advice taken and when I get back out to zero I will start low. Makes sense. I just had a bad day.
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