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    Default 2020 High Explosive Class schedule is live

    Our 2020 High Explosive Class schedule just went live. Have you ever wanted to learn how to safely handle and use C4, Semtex, Dynamite, DetCord, ANFO, and Liquid HE Helix??? Now’s your chance. Washington County Machine Guns is holding two (2) High Explosive Familiarization Classes in 2020 and two (2) Advanced Classes in 2020. While ticket prices are high, it's an experience that you will never forget.

    See class schedule here:

    and here's a little video to get you thinking about how much fun this class will be:

    These 10-hour classes are HANDS-ON and will instruct students on the safe handling and use of multiple types of High Explosives (HE). For the first hour, students will be instructed on the history of HE, types of HE, and proper storage requirements and the remaining 9 hours will be direct hands-on use of HE, including arming (with blasting caps) and detonation of multiple types of High Explosives. All “firings” and setups will be done by students under the close direct supervision of an experienced instructor. Are you ready to yell, “FIRE IN THE HOLE” as a pound of C4 destroys a tree, WE ARE!!!

    The Advance Classes focus on Directional Charges, Shape Charges, Penetrating Water Charges, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal of suspected briefcase IED, etc.

    Classes are limited to 12 students to allow every attendee the chance to handle, set up, and detonate multiple firings. All attendees must be a US Citizen, 21 years old with a valid driver license and be able to pass a PA State Police Background Check.

    NOTE: Washington County Machine Guns holds multiple ATF Licenses including the coveted Manufacturer of High Explosive License (Type 20 FEL) as well as the necessary HE Storage Permits from PA DEP. NO cell phones permitted during class. Hard hats, safety glasses, and ear protection will be provided however students are encouraged to bring their own.

    If you are looking for a motel, consider the Highlands near Wheeling, which is only 10 minutes from our facility.
    Washington County Machine Guns & Tactical Range -- CMP Affliated Club -- 07/02 FFL/SOT and Type 20 FEL (Manufacturer of High Explosives)
    Specializing in Bachelor parties with 50+ machine guns including M2HB, M249 SAW, M1919, RPD, and M60.

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    Default Re: 2020 High Explosive Class schedule is live

    OOOHHH YEAAAA damm Can't make the first but the jun one...

    TriggerTime LLc 01/02 FFL CRSO/Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun inst. BSA Rifle/Shotgun MB Counselor

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