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    Default Re: Colorado gun owners thumb noses at mag ban

    Quote Originally Posted by :-) View Post
    Idiots banning magazines is like trying to ban rocks, you can find them everywhere.
    Things don't just magically disappear into thin air because it's banned or made illegal.

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    Default Re: Colorado gun owners thumb noses at mag ban

    It's against the law in those states to use the parts kits to assemble a complete magazine, you can only use the parts to "fix broken mags".
    So people buying these kits would NEVER take all the parts and build a new mag, that would never happen, because that would be against the "law"... Not like it's too hard to just buy a complete mag or twenty from your neighbor or a friend. Everyone I know can spare a few...

    I give five or more 30 round Pmags away if one of my friends buys or builds their first AR15. Everyone I know has multiple AR15s now... The more new AR owners the better. With all the free mag deals, what does it cost you to donate a few??? ...
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    Default Re: Colorado gun owners thumb noses at mag ban

    Warms the cockles of my heart.

    Fuck them for trying to rat the stores out.
    Life has a melody.

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    Default Re: Colorado gun owners thumb noses at mag ban

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    Parts kits have been sold for quite a few years now.
    If someone wants to ban parts kits, I'm thinking that horse has left the barn.

    3d ar mag could withstand automatic fire with minor damage years ago.(IE, you could use them more than once)
    iirc there are jigs for using piano wire to make springs.

    in the future i see 80% magpul mags, hollow shell with some sort of knockout within, needing a little fluff/buff and then inserting the parts you buy seperate. maybe sell the mags all pinned together on a plastic sheet like model airplane parts. all just to obtain the quality of their plastic methods. until printing catches up.

    also, i don't have mags to spare. only got about 12.
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    "Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils. John Stark

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    Default Re: Colorado gun owners thumb noses at mag ban

    This happened before. During the height of the Clinton assault rifle ban (that included bans on all magazines over 10 rounds) Brownells started to sell new magazine "repair" bodies for popular competition pistols. This always flew under the radar and for the most people didn't know about this. Perfectly legal.......

    But for some reason no one ever sold replacements for AR-15s or AKs. Still perfectly legal but the media and antigunners will probably get their panties in a knot now.

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    Default Re: Colorado gun owners thumb noses at mag ban

    The sheriffs in Colorado have a lot more influence and power than the sheriffs here in PA. In contrast the State Police in Colorado are much smaller and the sheriffs handle the majority of the patrolling in rural areas and smaller communities. Most of the sheriffs in Colorado don't pay any attention to this law and really with the way it is worded, there are ways around it.

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