So.... I have been a user of the Desanctis Cozy Partner IWB leather holster for my single stack compact carry pistols. It wears well, has two leather loop straps, and more importantly for me, a "closed" muzzle. I like a closed muzzle holster especially when carrying IWB with nice clothing. Call me a neat freak but I do not want one speck of oil dripping onto my clothing. My dilemma is that Desanctis is no longer issuing this product with a "closed" muzzle. I recently picked up a Glock 43x and have been searching the internet for days, with no joy, and have not been able to locate a holster with characteristics similar to the Cozy Partner - IWB, Leather, Loop Retention, "Closed" Muzzle for a Glock 43x

Any input, guidance would be most appreciated!

Thank you!!