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    Default 2020 PMSC/PAFOA Group Shoot Dates!

    The dates for 2020 have been set and approved by the club as follows.

    15 February.

    18 April.

    20 June.

    15 August.

    17 October.

    The February shoot is new for this year, we'll see how this one goes. We will also continue with the side shoots for those who wish to participate as follows.

    February will feature a new shoot that I'll call for lack of a better name Battleground Pickup. This shoot will require participants to shoot a several different handguns at the scorable B27 target. For instance, if we have 10 participants each participant will place their firearm on a table. The shooter who is up will proceed to fire X number of rounds at the target from each handgun on the table. The number of rounds depends on the number of participate. I want to keep the total round count between 30-40 rounds. So with 10 people I'd go with 3 rounds per firearm. This will be timed to break any ties. It'll be interesting to see the firearms you guys choose for this plus a chance to fire different platforms.

    April will be our first team event. Your teammate will be luck of the draw. In the event of and odd man someone will have two chances to win. The course of fire will our standard bullseye rimfire rifle shoot. OPEN SIGHTS ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS! 10 rounds standing, 10rounds kneeling, 10 rounds sitting and 10 rounds prone for a total of 40 rounds at an A23 target with a 5 minute time limit.

    June will feature a new centerfire combat rifle shoot with open sights only, again, no exceptions. The target will be the US ARMY Range Qualification Targets - ALT C Course. 40 shots total with 10 rounds from the standing position 1 minute time limit. 10 rounds kneeling 45 second time limit. 10 rounds sitting 45 second time limit. 10 rounds prone 30 second time limit. Hits within the circle will be awarded 2 points, hits on target 1 points. A total possible score of 80.


    August will be a return of the rimfire bullseye pistol match at 50 feet. The target will be a BC-27 scorable target. The course of fire will be 5 shots slow fire 2 munute time limit twice, 5 shots timed fired 20 second time limit twice and 5 shots rapid fire 10 second time limit twice. A total of 30 shots. I'll have extra rimfire pistols if someone needs to borrow one and I'm sure others are willing to share. Bring your own ammo.

    October we'll try a new steel shoot. This will also be a team event with teammates assigned by luck of the draw. Firearms will be centerfire non magnum handguns only. I'm going to aquire some additional steel by then. Not sure how many. Regardless. you'll get one shot at each target. The primary goal will be hits on target, time will be used to break ties which is a strong possibilty with this one.

    That's it for now, any questions feel free to ask.
    2020 PMSC/PAFOA Group shoot dates here

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    Default Re: 2020 PMSC/PAFOA Group Shoot Dates!


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