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    Default Philadelphia Mayor singles out Berks, Bucks County for city’s gun-related crime

    Mayor: 'Bags of guns' from Berks contributing to Philly violence
    'It's absolutely horrendous what's happening in this state'

    69 News and Associated Press Nov 7, 2019 Updated 2 hrs ago

    PHILADELPHIA - The newly re-elected mayor of Pennsylvania's largest city has put forward a plan to combat growing gun violence, mentioning Berks County in the process.

    Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called on the state and federal governments to strengthen their gun laws, saying the city can't go it alone.

    "We have taken more guns off the street in the last four years than ever before, and those guys go to Bucks County and out in Berks County and other places and buy bags of guns without any need to prove who they are, to prove that they don't have a record," Kenney said during a news conference at Philadelphia City Hall on Wednesday. "It's absolutely horrendous what's happening in this state, what's happening in surrounding states, and it all comes downhill and affects us here."

    The mayor did not cite specific instances in which guns purchased in Berks County were used to commit crimes in Philadelphia.

    Kenney said the city will move forward as quickly as possible with a pair of initiatives to combat "the scourge of gun violence." The first is a crime-reduction strategy that will target high-risk individuals, including repeat offenders and drug dealers, and offer incentives for compliance and swift consequences for criminal activity.

    The second initiative, Kenney said, will focus on helping those impacted by gun violence by deploying rapid-response teams to neighborhoods after "significant incidents of violence," at which time they will "lend immediate support to those caught quite literally in the crossfire."

    "To be clear, I am not standing here today telling you that these two efforts alone will solve the issue of gun violence," Kenney said, "but they are part of a larger plan to address gun violence as a public health issue."

    Wednesday's joint announcement by the mayor and members of the Philadelphia City Council comes about 10 months after the city unveiled a five-year anti-violence plan, called the "Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities," but the time has come for fast action.

    "All of us in city government — including our colleagues in City Council — recognize the need for additional, immediate steps to be added to our plan that address that urgency," Kenney said.

    "There is no single solution to gun violence," said council President Darrell Clarke. "We need a multi-pronged approach and collaboration at every level of city government to address this problem."

    Hours after the announcement, a 10-year-old boy was gravely wounded in a drive-by shooting in northeast Philadelphia.

    Police said the gunfire came from a car just after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, about two blocks from a middle school in the city's Frankford neighborhood.

    The boy was hit in the back of the head and taken to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, where he was last reported to be in critical condition, police said.

    Deputy commissioner Joseph Sullivan called it "unacceptable" and said he hopes the community will come forward with information to solve the case.

    A few weeks ago, a gunman firing into a north Philadelphia home killed a 2-year-old girl a day after an 11-month-old boy was critically wounded when shots hit a car in another part of the city.

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    Default Re: Philadelphia Mayor singles out Berks, Bucks County for city’s gun-related crime

    Rules are written in the stone,
    Break the rules and you get no bones,
    all you get is ridicule, laughter,
    and a trip to the house of pain.

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