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    Default Glass bedding- Send to smith who built BA, DIY, or someone local?

    Hey Guys,

    Got a screaming deal on an Accurate Ordinance 308 Barreled Action and coincidentally the Manners T4A stock the PO ordered 8 months before hand was finished the day I picked up the lot.

    I'm not questioning the need for glassing (already pillar bedded) but I'm curious how to go about it.

    1- Do it myself. Cheapest, could maybe mess something up. Probably won't get the accuracy as the 6.5 carbon copy I also got.

    2- Local smith. probably do 90+% as good as job as Accurate Ordinance, say $100 and a week or two.

    3- Send to AO. Not opposed to doing this, but would be most time and most money, plus have to pay shipping.

    What say ye PAFOA?

    Also- any suggestions near Chambersburg? Baer would be my go to, but he's 8-10+ months out on complete builds, unsure of bedding jobs.

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    Default Re: Glass bedding- Send to smith who built BA, DIY, or someone local?

    I glass bedded a stock from Boyd's using a kit I got from them a long time ago.

    It was relatively easy.

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