We have started to have informal 3 Gun type events at our range. All are welcome but there are some important pieces of info. The most important piece is this is NOT some highly competitive intense top level match... This is above all just for fun... We typically have seen about 10 people there without really letting anyone know about it in fact this is the first time we are really listing anything publicly... It is so low key that we have people that don't even shoot timed runs, we even have people that only shoot 2 of 3 guns.. I am stating all this so that when you show up with your $5000 race pistol you are not sadly disappointed by the person running the course with a revolver and double barrel shotgun... this is all just for fun.. which means it is great for someone interested in checking out 3 Gun.. or for someone looking to share info with new shooters...

To give a fair understanding of the course..

Size: This happens on our pistol range which includes a 25 and 50 yard run.
Targets: There are normally 20 - 30 targets including steel, cardboard, and clays
Obstacles: We have about 50 feet of wall a couple doors and some plywood barriers
Divisions: Due to the small size and the general just for fun vibe we don't divide people up run what you brung... No machine guns but things like SBRs and suppressors are fine..
Cost: We charge $10.. we do this to put the money back in the club and ultimately expand the course (additional barriers, targets, etc...)

If you are looking for something to do.. to come out for fun anyone is more than welcome...
If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM..

This is the FB page which includes the address..