Those receiving their trigger sets this year have noticed some differences from previous years. Iíve done a lot of work to further improve the Mosin trigger this year, but have not kept up with the literature as I should.

Hopefully this will rectify that oversight.

This refers to the Finnish-Style M28/M39 Hybrid Trigger Set located at http://smith-sights.com/two-stage-triggers.

First, the spring is now integrated into the trigger using a roll pin (1). It provides support for the sear (2), while also providing a superior pull and feel.

The triggerís second stage is adjustable via the Second Stage Adjustment Screw. You install the trigger and dry fire, paying particular attention to the second stageís feel.
If you want it lighter and crisper, you then remove the bolt and turn the set screw counter-clockwise 1/8 of a turn and repeat the dry firing process. You may repeat this until the sear starts sticking. If the sear begins sticking, turn the set screw 1/8 of a turn clockwise.
Additionally, if you desire a long, light, single-stage pull, you may safely back the set screw all the way off.

This trigger set retains the Safety Return Bar (1) of previous models, positioned above the internal trigger spring. Like the internal trigger spring, it provides an extra measure of safety by providing upward pressure on the sear. Unlike the internal trigger spring, however, the Safety Return Bar only provides this upward pressure when the trigger is fully forward. Therefore, it adds nothing to the trigger pull Ė no extra weight, no different feel.
This Safety Return Bar compliments, but doesnít replace, proper adjustment of the Second Stage Adjustment Screw.

The trigger still retains its roller bearing on the rear (1), and is of course still pinned to a specially modified sear, (2). The sear is polished, with the face modified to compliment the two-stage trigger.