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    Default Re: Pheasant Hunting SGL 43 & French Creek State Park

    Quote Originally Posted by Gripsafety View Post
    If all I wanted to do was eat pheasant, there is a farm nearby where I can just buy one already dressed. While I really like pheasant, I also like the hunting experience, which doesn't guarantee you a bird on a particular day. I'm not all that disappointed if I spend 5 or 6 hours slogging through swamps and fields and go home without a bird. For me, it's more about what I'm not doing that day. A pheasant I shot is a treat. To each his own. I guess I'm fortunate to be able to buy what I want for the table. If someone needs to follow the truck to feed his family, he gets a pass in my world. Good people can sometimes find themselves in tough places, but that is not what I see following the trucks most of the time.
    Exactly, the joy of hunting is not the kill, but the chase and the wonder of nature. I can recall many a hunt where the best part was sitting in the sun, which feels good in November/December, and watching what is happening around me. Having squirrels harass me loudly, and probably warning all the nearby deer I was there, was not my favorite experience, but made me wonder why they felt the need to do so. That was just one thing that I will remember the rest of my life. Having flocks of turkeys wandering by, or deer creeping by, but with no bucks yet in sight will cause the heart rate to increase in anticipation. (you do know that the bucks send the girls out first to test the waters right?)

    Think of the person who books a whole week to go elk hunting out West and bags one on the first day out. What do you do the rest of the week?
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    Default Re: Pheasant Hunting SGL 43 & French Creek State Park

    Yeah good point on first day bagging one. I wondered that. I don’t have to get anything and most times I do not. I just like being out there disconnected from it all. Need more of that in my life!
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