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    Default Competition sights

    So I picked up a Glock 34 gen4 for IDPA/USPSA matches. I would like to replace my sights with Dawson Precision fiber optic front and black rear. Iím liking the charger set which is the same as the competition sight just with a squared off rear instead of ramped. I know Dawson has a calculator but I havenít shot the pistol yet so does anyone run this set up and what height front sight are you using for POA/POI. Also Iíll be reloading mostly for 147gr 9mm.

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    Iíd advise against the charger set. I have them on my 34 for the same reasons youíre looking at it but the regular comp rear has a better sight picture. The rear notch on the charger isnít very big. They only offer these in one flavor as a set which is what I bought and it worked perfect for 147s

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    I reload 147gr 9mm for USPSA and the standard height offering from Dawson works for me. I am also using the fiber front and ramped rear.

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