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    Default FYI Ammo seekers

    I have a customer who is getting out the the shooting sports - COMPLETELY. He is an older gentleman and doesn't shoot any more. I will be selling his guns and ammo and once I do an inventory and research prices, it will go in this forums classifieds and other forums also.

    The ammo and approx number available is:

    .22LR approx 20,000+ (To make things easier (on me) I'll probably sell it by the round (right now looking at .06-.07 per round) There is CCI, and various types of Winchester and Remington. Lots of bulk packs.
    .380 Auto approx 1200
    9mm approx 1700
    .40 S&W approx 700
    .38 Spl approx 700
    .223 approx 2000+ (Samson (IMI), ChinaSport (Norinco), PMC) all is brass case, non-corrosive
    20 ga (mainly 7 1/2 target/field loads) approx 600

    Will also be selling a Beretta 9000s. Beretta 96 Centurion (both .40 S&W), Glock 17 Gen 4, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCR (.38 +P), Henry H001 w/scope, NAA .22Lr (1 1/4 bbl), possibly a Glock G43 (he hasn't brought it by yet)

    I WILL ONLY SHIP AMMO IF THE BUYER WANTS TO PAY THE SHIPPING COSTS (which will include my costs to pack and get it to the UPS hub). I will ship guns to the buyers FFL.

    Any questions, just drop me a PM.
    Ron USAF Ret E-8 FFL01/SOT3 NRA Benefactor Member

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    Default Re: FYI Ammo seekers

    Tag thread for updates. Will be interested in the .40SW and .30 Spl ammo, and probably the LCR.


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