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following the line of thought, would a constable take a report for a stolen weapon and investigate it?
they are law enforcement like sheriffs.
would peace officers in a community?
they are also law enforcement.

most of this would probably get you told "talk with state police" or would be passed on to state police if you could get them to take a report.
don't all firearm related things go through PSP, sheriffs are only the agent processing the ltcf's in accordance with state law on behalf of psp.

TLDR, pa is screwy when it comes to law enforcement.
where constables, state police, municipal police, peace officers and sheriffs all stand on the chess board is an enigma and hard to understand.
If someone wants to report a crime they need to report it to the local police that covers that area. If none the state police station that covers that area is the place to go. In cases of stolen guns or vehicles they need to be entered into the NCIC system by the agency taking the report. Constables and sheriffs do not handle criminal investigations.