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    Default Pike Second Amendment Sanctuary Initiative

    Some folks from Pike County had a booth at Rod of Iron gathering signatures and seeking support for moving a resolution through the County declaring it to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary. They have a FaceBook page if you want to learn more. I don't do FB so have to direct you there.[0]=68.ARA51cI2j91GGFtAAhmZfVjsL8EK80SzaE15emJX0EL3vA i49E7x0CyP1V_ToROphJ6XJAJjsukMWBHLmF1qabUYhrAEBhBO iivLGI2c2EtiykdQIwU0pTgyh21ChHCwneNhXlB0k1l19YhJXh sKcfSruNVnAZoAbA-_v38pSoMz7F0MWmTXysrmv-PQXUOHIOaWwxrHxKhQElaqyqOwRcKltb0Tc2myYsKj92AIwiEV EKi6a-EZWfOMH9b001Y6RLHR99CqiRDk1-qP-SJR6nVfkC7YkGXAhtbokO7ppq4JMsP56n-VvFzPbKO0m3Sw_njteD-KRdLHPgmpYlPYmBE&__tn__=kC-R

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    Default Re: Pike Second Amendment Sanctuary Initiative

    You must be a resident of Pike Co. . Being a property owner is not enough. I did try to sign but was told about the residency requirement.
    Aggies Coach Really ??? Take off the tin foil bro.

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