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    Default Re: Barrier Penetration .45 ACP FMJ.

    Years ago Beaverkill Sports, a LGS in Nanuet, NY had a display of a Lexan (IIRC) clipboard that was made to double as a shield. It had 4 typical handgun bullets fired into it .46 ACP penetrated least and none penetrated completely but .22 LR penetrated the most. It seems frontal area was determining factor.

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    Default Re: Barrier Penetration .45 ACP FMJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by jthrelf View Post
    I think this goes to show you that carrying a 9mm FMJ is a terrible idea in terms of over penetration. Suppose you must carry FMJ (not sure why), you should go 230gr 45auto.
    Because “hollow point, dum-dum, cop-killer boolits” are illegal’ . Says so in the Geneva Convention ������������ smoking lounge. I heard.

    OP, try using wet, copies of the Yellow Pages. Pretty good simulation of a human torso, and easier to retrieve the projectile from than wood.

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