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    Default I have started the great NFA Odyssee

    I built a 300 BLK "pistol" and I really like it, except for the stock. Given the current state of politics and policy that a ATF letter may or may not allow you to own certain items at the whim of one interpenetration or another I have decided to go the NFA route on a separate lower. The $200 and the red tape have become worth it to me to have something that in set in current law and not simply by a decision letter and to add whatever stock, forward grips, etc I may want.

    I just put an order in for a Aero Precision Carbine Complete Lower Receiver and created an account on the ATF website to eFile my form 1.

    Next steps seem to be getting fingerprinted and a photo to allow me to complete the eFile form 1 once I receive the lower.
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    Default Re: I have started the great NFA Odyssee

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    Default Re: I have started the great NFA Odyssee


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    Default Re: I have started the great NFA Odyssee

    Give er hell!
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