Selling my Savage 24s .22lr./20ga. Combo gun, manufactured sometime between 1969 and 1971, since it has a serial number and 24s production ceased in 1971. I have three Savage 24 combo guns, so this is the odd man out and since I just bought a .38/.357 lever gun, I need to make room in the safe.

This 24s is a shooter, not a safe queen, it has a few nicks in the wood, some small patches of light rust in the engraving on the receiver and some light freckling on the barrels. The bores are in excellent, shiny condition and the rifling in the top barrel is sharp.

This little gem would make a great Christmas gift for a child, novice or small game hunter. These combo guns are built to be handed down through the generations and are a joy in the field, I small game hunt with a .22 mag./20 ga. and Fall turkey hunt with a .223/12 ga. I'll even sweeten the deal with 100 rounds of .22lr. and 25 rounds of 20 ga. birdshot.

Sale is offered @ $400 cash only, FTF only, within 1 hour of Oxford, PA to non-prohibited Pennsylvania residents in posession of a valid LTCF and current PA DL, must sign bill of sale. PM me for photos and thank you for looking.