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    Default Christopher Shellhammer Not Guilty

    Yesterday, a Fayette County jury found Christopher Shellhammer not guilty in a case where Shellhammer claimed self-defense but was charged by Fayette County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney Richard E. Bower with first-degree criminal homicide in the shooting death of Michael Henrick on January 15, 2018. Shellhammer spent 22 months without bail in the Fayette County Jail, although he suffered serious injuries in the 2-on-1 attack where Henrick and his girlfriend, Kelly French, attacked Shellhammer in what Shellhammer characterized as a set-up in French's home.

    For coverage alternative from mainstream news, here is a link to a local Fayette County blog run by Julie Toye.

    The story has many lessons. One of those lessons is that one should take original MSM reports with a grain of salt, because usually they are merely stenographical in nature with reporters merely regurgitating what police and prosecutors say -- as can be seen in the original post I made about the case on PAFOA.
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