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    Default Re: Teen Hunter Shot and Killed After Being Mistaken for a Deer in Georgia

    I've spent a decent amount of time in the woods. My dad would leave me by myself when I was 13-14. I remember plenty of times seeing "deer". I even scoped a few logs here and there. I never shot any of them. Your mind can see what it wants sometimes if you look hard enough but it doesn't mean you shoot at everything you think is a deer. You never shoot at movement or a shape. You better know damn well what it is. Just this Saturday it was close to the end of the day. Starting to get dark and I seen a black animal moving away from me at an angle at about 100 yards. I thought it was a bear. Looked like a bear. Watched it through the scope and it turned out to be a really dark colored doe with it's head down. I understand things are not always what they seem, but you have to be a real asshole to shoot someone thinking it was a deer.
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    Default Re: Teen Hunter Shot and Killed After Being Mistaken for a Deer in Georgia

    Oddly enough I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. It was a dark, overcast day and I saw a humped shape slipping through the red brush. I too thought it was a bear. It was a gut shot dark deer. "Your mind can see what it wants sometimes". I would never leave a 13-14 year old kid alone in deer season. I watched a court case (I believe it was Maine) where a guy shot a women with a muzzleloader. The prosecutor had on site re-enactment and was a youngster that was really a go getter. The victims family had to testify FOR the shooter, an old family friend. The re-enactment sure looked like a deer on film. Anyway, there were no criminal charges.
    No one on this thread was there, so who is to say what went on. People do dumb stuff. I was with a Buddy and we stopped to see a guy in Bucks County. They were out back with an SKS throwing stuff in the air and shooting at it. My first words were "What the !@#$ are you doing! They assumed because 7.62x39 is a small bullet they don't go far. People do dumb stuff.

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    Default Father/Daughter killed hunting

    Shot by their own hunting party. NO EXCUSES!!!!! Guarantee the killers get off scot-free too.

    The two were shot by hunters after being mistaken for deer, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). The agency said a group of four hunters was driving deer, which is when a group walks toward the animals to move them, but it did not give further details on how two of the hunters were shot.
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