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    Default Re: CZ Scorpion Carbine, is it worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by :-) View Post
    The standard CZ scorpion sights are perfect if you can get a red dot that sits close to the rail you can use them through the optic. The red dot will sit on the front sight post when looking through the rear sight.

    If you want to keep the red dot you have on there, I wouldn't worry about it not working when you need it.
    With quality optics, I have never used my backup sights so they were basically a waste of money.

    You cant see through the optic its sits too high. I have the quick disconnect optic,
    it sits higher than normal. 2 seconds and its removed.

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    Default Re: CZ Scorpion Carbine, is it worth it?

    If you want to run the CZ sights that are way better then clunky plastic flip up sights, you can run a Romeo 5 or anything you can get to sit close to the rail will work. Then you don't have to flip up anything or remove your optic. I really liked the sights that came with it, so I bought a red dot that worked with them.

    I don't think backup sights are a necessity with a quality optic like the one you are running. I would just keep the CZ sights and not worry about not being able to cowitness with them.
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