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    Default Re: Is there a single sheriff's office that does handgun transfers to 18-20 y/o here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulsterino View Post
    Will definitely give them a call, thank you!! I haven’t been on here for a couple days and there were a hell of a lot more responses than I anticipated so I’m combing them over now. Also recently in my search an FFL near me recommended that if I can’t find one, I could buy an 80% lower for a Glock 19 and finish it myself.
    I'm not into those so I'm not really up on them but there is a gun show coming in Oaks and I believe that I have seen vendors there selling those 80% Glocks. Others here are more in tune with them and someone should know for certain.
    Sorry but I'm all out of pity right now, please try later.

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    Default Re: Is there a single sheriff's office that does handgun transfers to 18-20 y/o here?

    Just use the loophole

    Everybody knows about the loophole

    Better hurry up though, the Democrats found out about it and are trying to close is ASAP


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