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    Default Re: PGC- if you kill ALL the deer they can't have CWD

    I worked with a lot of 5C guys and there was a rumor going around the first year the tags sold out. Rumor was the tree huggers bought them out. Could be. Plenty of Pinko Commies down there. I would not rely on "Data" too much. Ever see those white and black outline maps the Game Commission puts out to show deer harvests? During the big deer slaughter there was one on the back of a Game News and it showed about 500 deer killed for crop damage that year for the whole state. That would have been a 5-10 mile radius at that time. The PA Game Commission lies and twists numbers all the time. Before the big deer slaughter the PA Game Commission quoted there was 38 deer per square wooded mile. It was published in newspapers. Years later I was flat out told there never was such a thing said by a Game Commission rep. Same thing with doe report cards. There used to be a question on it asking if the deer was killed on private property or public land. That stopped after ALT ruined thousands of acres of PA public land and hunters were in an uproar. The rep denied there was any such thing. I think the Game Commission is finally on the right track. They are doing a lot of controlled burning around here and doing selective logging instead of raping the woods and letting scrap grow back. Hopefully all those thieving rascals that quickly resigned when there was accusations of misuse and misappropriation are gone for good.
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    Default Re: PGC- if you kill ALL the deer they can't have CWD

    Quote Originally Posted by Noah_Zark View Post
    Take off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


    Many, many Years ago pleaded with PGC leadership to ban the use of possibly CWD infected urine in PA to prevent the CWD infection

    One infected CWD batch of bottled farm raised deer urine shipped in to PA could start hundreds of brush fire with infected deer over vast areas of PA
    personally I suspect that is how the infection in PA started

    a studied of CWD deer infected in an enclosure were all killed the ground laid fallowed for two years.

    CWD free deer were reintroduced into fenced in enclosure, they ALL became CWD infected!

    once CWD gets into the ground and environment unfortunately Noah_Zark solution is the only sure way

    what could help limited the spread

    some common sense solutions the PGC could do but won't

    kill the older deer - remove antler restrictions to pre 2000 with 3" or long antlers

    a older infected CWD buck will spread the disease more than does will
    ......bucks have a larger home range than does do, the area bucks travel expands especially during mating season

    BAN the use of deer urine for hunting in PA NOW!
    to prevent anymore possible outbreaks

    currently the PGC only bans deer urine use in already CWD infected area. (close the barn door after the fact does what?)

    don't expect PGC leadership to do any of the above

    wait to the ELK herd gets infected

    PGC is late to the party to do something constructive about CWD as usual its about always turning a coin with them 1st

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    Default Re: PGC- if you kill ALL the deer they can't have CWD

    Quote Originally Posted by Palerider View Post
    Thanks for the link. Answered my question on vaccination as an option. The vaccines they’ve tried produced delays in symptom development but not prevention.
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Terry Singeltary
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    Subject: Chronic Wasting Disease CWD TSE Prion VACCINE UPDATE

    Chronic Wasting Disease CWD TSE Prion VACCINE UPDATE

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2019

    Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and Government Response Congressional Research Service May 17, 2019


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