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    Default Re: Open Carry Freedom Festival in Pike County October 12-13

    Quote Originally Posted by Wilderness 1864 View Post
    I tried to go Sunday afternoon but they had to stop ferrying people up because it was overcrowded. Plus I learned that there were a lot of first timers, language barrier issues that made controlling the range more challenging. I heard that one woman stepped out over the firing line to take a picture of someone shooting -- that sort of stuff. No one got hurt that I knew about. I figured that it was not worth waiting to find myself in that mix.
    A few of us were invited up on Sunday and we didn't see anything like that. When we got up there everyone was in a line waiting their turn. The entire covered firing line area was clear of anyone not shooting. Only shooters and range officers were allowed on the concrete pad area at the line.

    There were a couple MG42s, an MG34, two M60s, MP40, a few Thompsons, an RPK, and quite a few other toys.
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