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    Default Re: The Futility of a Gun Buyback

    Lol, the gun confiscation has already started- every time some old guy gets red flagged by the kids for his “arsenal.”

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    Default Re: The Futility of a Gun Buyback

    Quote Originally Posted by gp52555 View Post
    Never said I didn't have a backup plan. I don't consider military retirement and social security as welfare, I earned every penny!
    I agree, it's deferred compensation, however the government has the purse strings and as you said they can pull them anytime. So my philosophy is that's fine if people have pensions or as I do 401k and IRAs, not a big fan of social security but it exists and we pay into it so ok, but I just have the awareness all that stuff can get taken over somehow or otherwise finagled, hence having other sources of income and assets is always good.

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    Default Re: The Futility of a Gun Buyback

    Quote Originally Posted by wanneroo View Post
    Well there are two things in play.

    One of which is most law enforcement for what they get paid, isn't that interested in kicking doors down. My local sheriffs deputies start at $11 an hour. Those guys are not doing dynamic entries all over the place. They use facebook to hoover up most of the outstanding warrants.

    On the federal law enforcement level, I from time to time work with several agencies and from what the various agents tell me in general they are swamped just dealing with violent gangs, drugs and illegal alien crime. Do they have the time and energy and desire to go and beat down Grandpa Joe's place to get his AR?
    They aren't in it for the money. It's a certain personality type drawn to those positions.

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