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    Default Legal muzzleloaders?

    I have read and believe I understand the regulations for both muzzleloader seasons here in PA, but I need a little reassurance before I spend the cash.

    This would be legal for both seasons, correct?


    Just getting into black powder and don't want to buy something useless here in PA. Anyone have any experience with these?


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    Default Re: Legal muzzleloaders?

    It is a Flintlock so it is legal for both the early Muzzleloader season and the late Flintlock season.

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    Default Re: Legal muzzleloaders?

    I have two. One with a wood stock and one with the plastic stock. I have not fired the plastic stock one, I just bought it because it was a deal. The other one is really accurate and the only thing I added was a French flint. I have had it out in really damp, misty weather and never had a misfire at the end of the day, but I do dump the pan powder ounce and a while.

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    Default Re: Legal muzzleloaders?

    I have one like that, only in camo. I've had it for several years in order to get into muzzleloading. While I haven't had the chance to take anything with it, it has proven to be very reliable when at the range.

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