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    Default Re: Cheapo .308 Hunting Rifle

    Thanks for all the input fellas.

    I think I'm just gonna use my K31 this year and wait on getting a .308 bolt gun. I'd like to take a deer with iron sights while I'm still able to.

    I actually found some 7.5x55 soft point Hornyday ammo at Cabela's of all places. It seems to be unobtanium right now besides Privi Partisan.

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    Default Re: Cheapo .308 Hunting Rifle

    Remington 770. I bought a used one and threw on a scope that was laying around. At 100 yards I can cover a three shot group with a quarter. They can be found under $300.
    Aggies Coach Really ??? Take off the tin foil bro.

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    Default Re: Cheapo .308 Hunting Rifle

    I lived right on the border of Bucks County for years, and even remember HUNTING in Bucks County for deer with a rifle. No used .308's in Pennsylvania? Who are you kidding. Now you want to take an unscoped rifle hunting before buying a used .308? You probably never even fired a .308 and have built it up in your mind. Go buy one. Heck, buy two (They are cheap, right?) Then buy the cheapest, on sale ammo you can find.

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