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Thread: Allentown Fair

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    Angry Allentown Fair

    So this year they started "random" checks at the main gates. Helping it to become prime target for an attack.

    Fucked up thing is I'm not a bad guy and I can see how stupid this is.
    1- the "fence" has lots of areas not even viewed and gaps so big I could pass an M2 though it- the tripod might get hung up.
    2- "random" really? If there was ever an make it LOOK like we are doing something this is it.
    3- As I figured ZERO checks from infield parking. So I followed my SOP.
    4- Security around the place is a joke.

    Only place they were really checking was the concert.
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    Default Re: Allentown Fair

    Prayers sent!
    I don't speak English , I talk American!

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    Default Re: Allentown Fair

    Have not attended the Allentown fair in over 15 years,Why do you ask ? A young lady working the fresh lemonade stand had a lull in customers and her friend who had a pig in a contest there came over and she was petting the hell out of the pig,Customers came for lemonade and without washing her hands proceeded to squezze lemons for the drinks.Definitley was a recipe for a health disaster !

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