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    Default Re: Orange in stand?

    Archery season I reverse my orange jacket to camo and also orange tape on the tree base and just above my head on tree trunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
    I really agree with that. I have been within 15 feet of a flock of turkeys that were using a trail past me. Sitting in full orange deer hunting. I had three doe step over a log(Walking) I was sitting on with a steaming cup of coffee on the log and a lit Marlboro in my hand and in full orange. But, an educated deer will pick out orange on an overcast day or if you sit in front of dark stuff like a hemlock or dark rocks. Deer seem totally blind to orange in snow. It seems it is more where you sit than the orange itself. Whatever your choice, it is stupid not to wear plenty of it, and not some dirty, tiny vest that is barely legal.
    Long time ago I was squirrel hunting ..... I popped one from a tree on the side of a hill and went to a flat bench about 3 feet wide that ran around the hill.
    When I say bench ... it's a terrain feature and not a bench you sit on .....
    anyhow ...... I gutted/skinned it out with my razor knife and got my big knife out to wack off the head and claws......
    as I am ready to get to wacking ..... I hear something and look up to see this buck walking right towards me ......
    I'm kneeling on the ground and I freeze ........ dead squirrel in one hand ...guts/hide on the ground... big knife in the other hand.......blaze orange vest and boonie hat.
    lit cigarette in my mouth ..... the smoke is starting to curl up and burn my eye ...... so I'm trying to close my eye and fight the burn....
    Buck walked right up to me ..... no snorting , no stomping ... none of that ...........
    I thought a few times about sticking it the neck with my knife he was so close.
    he looked at me a bit then stepped off the bench went past me and got back up on the bench and walked on ......
    But lets face facts ... had it been deer season ..... had I a rifle in my hands ....... he would have spotted me 2 counties away and made me look the fool trying to get him. Because they do like to do that stuff .... at least to me

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    Default Re: Orange in stand?

    I realize it's not a requirement. Real world, is it really a bad idea?
    There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy - Dante.

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