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    Quote Originally Posted by knight0334 View Post
    I'm just seeing this now.

    PM me your choice of password and I can change it manually for you.
    PM sent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnbrotz View Post
    My assumption is that the overwhelming majority of security breaches are automated, so I'm not convinced there a huge benefit in using "By5RHTMRuKzUzU" instead of your birthday or anniversary. I use passwords similar to the one in quotes, but only because I use software to generate and remember them for the 200+ logins I have.
    i save the unimportant ones with firefox's sync because my understanding is it is encrypted before being uploaded.
    i also share them across accounts because it's no biggy if someone gets my twitter and happens to get my poofa. the bank and important ones are two-factor if available and are kept in my head.
    email uses two-factor, otp and the largest password i have (iirc 27chars) using caps, lower, symbol and numbers. and no account has ever seen my actual email, the account holder/login email has never been used for anything, only various alias emails.

    however i think instead of brute forcing using dictionaries and common passwords a lot of the real breeches are on the server side because they aren't kept secured there or obtained through phishing emails because people are dumb.
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