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    Exclamation 2A NATIONAL RALLY - NOVEMBER 2019

    I checked to see if this was posted and didnt see it. If I missed it please delete or link to it from here

    Cross posting from Please head over and pick a date that will work for you. There is more news to come regarding this event. There are more people in the industry behind this besides Need to make this event a success.

    This is a national 2A rally with a focus on supporting positive change within the NRA.

    Iím not too active here but you guys do a great job organizing and getting shit done.

    I will update this post as necessary.

    As efforts ramp up to SAVE THE NRA and get power back to the membership, we are planning a national gathering to show our unity for this effort to the Board, the Executive Committee, and the Leadership. There are already a number of folks at all those levels who see that the MEMBERSHIP is upset, angry, and pushing for changes. This is our time to shine.

    Each and every one of us, NRA Member or not, who loves the 2nd Amendment, to stand up against those willing to do us wrong. The NRA Leadership has been misusing funds for their own purposes. Funds which were meant to help protect our freedoms for generations to come. Funds which we all worked hard for and donated out of our love for freedom. Funds which were meant for one purpose and taken away. This gathering must be a big wake up call to them to see that we will fight them as a membership and as patriots!

    The NRA in it's current form will never REPRESENT us properly. This is the time to make it right. We need to save it from the ashes and bring it back as an organization that represents all gun owners and all those who understand why the 2nd Amendment is as important as the 1st Amendment. A strong NRA is critical to the upcoming election as our voices need to be heard as a single, powerful, call to arms. We must back the right politicians who understand the Constitution and their duty to defend it. If we wait too long to fix things, we will go into next year with an unloaded weapon and without the our strength. This is the time to act!

    The 2nd Amendment is critical to this country's survival. If we allow ourselves to be disarmed, we will go down as the biggest failure of a people in history. Willingly giving up power to the ruling class, who is so careless with leadership, money, and power. Those who would take everything from us to keep themselves at the top. You don't see these folks who strip us of our rights giving up anything they have to prove their point do you? NO!!!! Those in power want more power and with an unarmed state, they can rule without fear or consequence!

    It is now OUR TIME. As a community, we must band together and show ourselves as a force for change. We need to set a date, agree to gather together for this cause, and call FOR CHANGES to the NRA!!!!
    Due to expected weather, time needed for word to spread, and to make this viable, we have narrowed it down to these potential dates:
    1) Saturday November 2nd
    2) Saturday November 9th
    3) Saturday November 16th

    This will be in the DC area!!!

    This effort is for all of us, so please share your thoughts, other ideas for dates, or ask questions. I will do everything I can to answer.

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    Default Re: 2A NATIONAL RALLY - NOVEMBER 2019

    If it's open carry and numbers in the 10's of thousands, I'm in.
    Go sell crazy some where else, we're all stocked up here.

    Political power grows from the muzzle of a gun.

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