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    Default Re: Mayor peduto claims death threats against him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Walleye Hunter View Post
    Yep, and one thing I don't we leave our digital fingerprint everywhere we go on the web or are there ways to mask it that even the lawman can't figure it out?
    Yes and yes.
    "Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle"

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    Default Re: Mayor peduto claims death threats against him.

    It's the standard "play book" response.
    Your all racists, xenophobes, homophobias, redneck, white supremacists, Black separatists, domestic terrorists' , etc. etc.
    Pick the one that fits.
    If he had any thing close to a creditable threat, the cops (FedCityState) would be perpwalking the nit wit on the 6:00 news.
    "If ye love wealth greater than Liberty, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms" Samuel Adams
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    Default Re: Mayor peduto claims death threats against him.

    Quote Originally Posted by TB3 View Post
    I heard on the radio today gun grabbing mayor Bike lane Billy peduto has had to increase security because of receiving death threats on social media related to his push for gun control. He says he will not back down.. itís easy to be brave when surrounded by guys with guns.. I have not heard if any details or if the actual threats are listed but my gut tells me heís making it up, or exaggerating criticisms of him and calling them threats. Anyone else heard any of the details? Iíd really like to hear just what he is considering a threat. I know us lawful gun owners donít view making threats as productive to our cause so Iím real curious to hear the threats.
    The philosophy of all gun control freaks is that the way to keep us safe is to get rid of our guns.

    If a gun in the home is 40 times more likely to kill you or someone you know, then just imagine the risk he's creating by having MULTIPLE armed men in his home.

    Accordingly, if he's in real danger, the key thing to do would be to get rid of his security detail.

    Unless he's a hypocrite.
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